Lili Refrain announces the European tour dates in support of her upcoming new album "Mana"



We’re delighted to be able to premiere "Mami Wata", the first sign from the outstanding "MANA" album from Lili Refrain coming on Subsound Records on April 21th 2022

Listen here:


AKVAN - Forgotten Glory شکوه فراموش شده

Available in: 2x LP Gold Splatter - Black - Digital
Release date: May 20th 2022

This work is dedicated to the noble people of Iran. May we one day return to forgotten glory
Released September 25, 2017 Music and lyrics written and performed by Akvan( Vocals, Setar, Tar, Guitars, and Drums )
All tracks appearing on this album were written, performed, and recorded by Vizaresa throughout various locations in Tehran, Iran and Isfahan, Iran.

Subsound Records to re-release ABORYM debut album"Kali Yuga Bizarre" for the first time on vinyl and tape!

Set for release on January 28th, Subsound Records has announced the reissue of ABORYM's debut album "Kali Yuga Bizarre". Originally released in 1999, with "Kali Yuga Bizarre" ABORYM have created a work full of surrealism and emotions, containing nine tracks with the band's intense and very own mixture of industrial soundscapes and atmospheric black metal. A powerful epic and highly varied opus, and one that, in retrospect, also reflects the grandiose and determinedly avantgarde direction extreme metal was taking at that time, its dramatic synths and soaring, clean vocals providing a nod to progressive music.At this time, and as a result of the departure of vocalist Yorga SM during the finalization of the album, the band sought a new singer to complete the last few tracks of the album, soon finding a replacement in MAYHEM vocalist Attila Csihar, who became the sole vocalist on the band's follow-up, 2001’s "Fire Walk With Us!".In a way, "Kali Yuga Bizarre" in particular was prophetic for the high-level experimental industrial rock mood ABORYM reached through the 2021's worldwide acclaimed album "Hostile", through which the band consolidated its definitive uncompromising abandonment of extreme metal music style and its so called “scene”.

Full album:

Hifiklub + Duke Garwood + Jean-Michel Bossini - Last Party on Earth

We are stoked to announce a new collaboration with the hyperactive experimental rock band hifiklub from France .The new release titled " Last Party on Earth" with Duke Garwood & Jean-Michel Bossini will be out on December 10th distributed worldwide

All songs performed by Hifiklub, Duke Garwood and trio Anpapié (conducted by Jean-Michel Bossini) Pascal Abbatucci Julien – drums, percussion Eléna Andreyev - cello Jean-Loup Faurat – guitar Duke Garwood - vocals, guitar Régis Laugier – bass Nico Morcillo – guitar Alice Piérot - violin Fanny Paccoud - altoMusic composed by Pascal Abbatucci Julien , Jean-Michel Bossini , Jean-Loup Faurat, Régis Laugier and Nico Morcillo Lyrics written by Duke Garwood Recorded by Anthony Belguise at Coxinhell Studio, Saint-Aygulf - France Mixed by Alain Johannes at 11AD Studio , Los Angeles - USA Mastered by François Fanelli at Sonics Mastering, Marseille - France

Subsound Records to release well-sorted selection of Amorphis albums as limited tape editions!

In cooperation with Nuclear Blast, Italy’s powerhouse label Subsound Records is proud to announce the release of a well-sorted selection of AMORPHIS albums on cassette, to be released on November 26th! With their unmistakable mix of metal, folklore, and rock, iconic metal act AMORPHIS is arguably one of Finland’s biggest musical exports. With 13 albums released to date and countless intense shows around the globe, AMORPHIS managed to conquer the world, entertain the crowds and establish new standards

The well-chosen assortment contains the following albums, available on tape for the first time:
“Eclipse”  |  “Silent Waters”  |  “Skyforger”  |  “Magic and Mayhem”  |  “The Beginning of Times”  |  “Circle”  |  “Under The Red Cloud”

Order here:

Bongzilla discography!!!

Subsound Records in collaboration with HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS is proudly releasing FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME in black, limited and ultra limited coloured cassettes the Bongzilla entire discography!!!

Also available 50 Ultralimited Wooden printed box set with 6 ultralimited tapes + lighter!



Mulla - جن

Mulla " Third album by the black metal band from Iraq, including bonus tracks previously unreleased on vinyl. An exotic / Eastern take on black metal, an interesting atmosphere overall. Raw and angry and surprisingly cool bass lines.

Full album:

Rakta - Live At Novas Frequências!

From the release of the first self-titled album in 2013, RAKTA has lived quite a vertiginous rise. In a particularly rare way for a band from the do-it-yourself scene of São Paulo, the band has aroused immediate international attention. RAKTA’s genre-bending intensity, along with its complex, narrative live performances builds peculiarly deep sonic dimensions, creating a “captivating atmosphere that seems to draw people in”, as describes the magazine The Quietus. Today the Brazilian three piece announced the worldwide release of their live - album "Live at Novas Frequências", which will be released on vinyl, cd and tape on July 30th via Subsound Records.

Full album:

Very stoked to announce that Akvan/اکوان is back with City of Blood /خونین شهر !!!

We are offering it in ltd edition white (100 copies) and black (200 copies).
Release date is July 30

Full stream here:

PaperogA "Santa" is out!!

PaperogA "Santa" is out today on CD, CASSETTE (limited to 50 only), LP Black, Lp Limited fluo magenta and strictly limited splatter !!!

Go to our shop to see all the rad editions and then order yours !!!
Stream the album in full here

Pessimista new LP "Ocaso"

We are very stoked to share that we will be releasing Brazilian black metal solo artist Pessimista new LP "Ocaso" on June 18 on Subsound Records!!!! Preorder your copy now at

"Ocaso" will be available worldwide and for the first time in black vinyl (200) and strictly limited orange vinyl editions (100).


3 pieces instrumental combo Supervøid announce their signing to Italian powerhouse Subsound Records

3 pieces instrumental combo Supervøid announce their signing to Italian powerhouse Subsound Records , for the release of their debut album "The Giant Nothing" on next May 7th 2021

With their roots in doom, sludge, noise, ambient, and blues/country, Supervøid delivers a huge impact in terms of emotions and energy combining heavy riffs with cinematic atmospheres, ambient washes with groovy giant down tuned guitars, classical strings sections looped in real time with noise walls juxtaposing the elements to create an organic contrast.

Formed in 2017 by guitar player/producer Eraldo Bernocchi , guitar player Xabier Iriondo , drummer Jacopo Pierazzuoli Drummer, the trio decided to involve avant/classic cellist Jo Quail choosing cello instead of a vocalist as a feature on the debut album.
Artwork by Petulia Mattioli

Preorder your copy here:

We are proud to present a pretty unique record with S A R R A M , the solo ambient/drone project of Sardinian multi-instrumentalist Valerio Marras.

Transcending the use of guitars, sound effects, synths, glockenspiel and more through a stripped-down and atmospheric 40-minute exploration, his fourth studio album 'Albero' (Italian for "tree") could be described as the resilient pulse of Mother Nature, a haunting instrumental ceremony which merest detail, from the delicate humming to the loudest guitars, are perfectly highlighted by James Plotkin (Isis, Sunn O))), Jesu, Cave In) work on mastering.

'Albero' will be released on May 15th via Subsound Records.
Take some time to lay your ears on this unusual and majestic new release!
Listen to the first single:

Bobby Previte and Jamie Saft 's SWAMI LATEPLATE to reissue "Doom Jazz" album on Subsound Records

The experimental jazz duo formed by New York performers Bobby Previte on drums and Jamie Saft on piano and bass are set to reissue their seminal album 'Doom Jazz' this June 25th on Subsound Records. They reveal a video recording of their performance at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in Boston. Dive in immediately...

Watch the live footage of "Malignant Cloud" here:

Using doom — a slow, foreboding style of heavy metal — as a template, SWAMI LATEPLATE crafts a set of songs that creeps along powerfully. The themes are simple, generally carried by subdued bass lines and ornamented by the piano like salt on a glacier. What jumps out most is Previte's drumming. Every cymbal vibration and snare snap leaps to the foreground and, with rare exception, decays before the next strike, as much a testament to Previte's assured playing as Saft's engineering. The sound throughout is bright and super present. Each moment is its own event, each note frozen in amber. Regardless of the rock modeling, the disc is likely to satisfy Saft and Previte's audiences; it could appeal to fans of the fringes of metal as well. Originally released in 2021, 'Doom Jazz' will be reissued on June 25th and can be preordered now via Subsound Records in ultra LTD edition double galaxy LP, LTD edition double white LP, double black LP, CD digipack. It was entirely produced by Bobby Previte and Jamie Saft, recorded and mixed by Jamie Saft at Frank Booth, Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Scott Hull at Scott Hull Mastering , NY. The artwork was designed by Hadi Nasiri

Listen and Preorder:

Sigillum S & Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte new album

Dark electronic pioneers SIGILLUM S and noir jazz forefathers Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte [MMM] join forces to create one massive 2-track album that will turn your world upside down.

'Blues and Doped Flowers from Twenty Three Years After Eschaton' will be released on June 4th through Subsound Records, and you can listen to a mind-bending first track below!

Stream a first track + preorder the album:

Subsound Records is stoked to announce that we will be releasing Cannibal Corpse’s new album "Violence Unimagined" on cassette on April 16th!

"It’s their first record in almost four years and we are extremely proud to be a part of it". We would like to thank both Metal Blade Records and Cannibal Corpse for giving us the opportunity to be involved with such an amazing release.

The limited run of 2000 Tapes, distributed worldwide, will be available in the following editions, all in standard J- Card + 5 panels:
500 - Black box and black solid shell, silkscreening
350 - Red box and red solid shell, silkscreening
300 - Box transparent and green sage solid shell, silkscreening
300 - Box transparent and yellow solid shell, silkscreening
200 - Box transparent and toxic green transparent shell, silkscreening (Tapehead CityExclusive)
200 - Box transparent and yellow slime solid shell, silkscreening
150 - Box transparent and white solid shell, silkscreening (Subsound Exclusive)

Pre-Order your copy of this MUST-HAVE Tape, one that belongs into every well-sorted Cannibal Corpse record collection, here:

Akvan/اکوان signs to Subsound Records!

Akvan is the one man band from Iran formed by Vizaresa that mixes raw black metal guitars and blasting drums with traditional Persian instruments like the tar and setar.
We are very proud to announce the release of "Two Centuries of Silence / دو قرن سکوت " for the first time in Limited Edition red vinyl (100 copies) and black vinyl edition (200 copies) distributed worldwideThe title of this EP is taken from Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub's eponymous book, which provides a historical account of the Iranian people's bold resistance against the Islamic Conquest of Persia.

Out on March 19th 2021

Italian harsh core terrorizers PaperogA sign to Subsound Records!

The new album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Mara's Cave by Manuele Marani
PaperogA will officially announce the release date very soon.
Stay tuned for more details

15th Anniversary sampler - Free Download

2020 not only will be remembered as a difficult year for everything we lost but it will additionally be remembered for how we weathered all the challenges we were forced to confront.
2020 also marked the label's 15th anniversary and we'd like to invite you to check out the Subsound Records 15th Anniversary Sampler with over 30 songs highlighting the eclectic Subsound roster.

We've just launched a special series of t-shirts to celebrate our anniversary designed by: Warhead, Scarful, Robin Gnista, Blessend, Francesco Russo.

From everyone at Subsound Records, thank you for your support!We will see you next year!

Get your on:

مَوْلَى - Mulla (repress)

We are very proud to annouce the repress of the debut album by MULLA, the Black Metal Band from Iraq. Their first album "مَوْلَى" will be finally available in limited edition hand-numbered white vinyl (100 copies) and black vinyl edition (200 copies)

According to the band statement:
نحن لسنا جماعة إرهابية أو متعصبين دينيين لقد حاولنا فقط أن نعطيكم شعورا موسيقيا للجو المخيف للشرق الأوسط هذه الأيام ، مع كل القوالب النمطية الحديثة. إذا شعرت به ، ثم فعلنا كل شيء الحق
"We are not a terrorist group or religious fanatics we have just tried to give you a musical feel for the frightening atmosphere of the Middle East these days, with all the modern stereotypes. If you feel it, then we did everything right."

For fans of Darkthrone, Craft, Mayhem
Pre-orders available here:

Massimo Pupillo - The Black Iron Prison

Italy's avant-garde performer MASSIMO PUPILLO (ZU) to issue debut solo album 'The Black Iron Prison' on November 6th via Subsound Records

Italy’s occult experimentalist Massimo Pupillo announces the release of his solo debut album 'The Black Iron Prison' on November 6th via Subsound Records.Known for his experimental jazz metal project Zu, Massimo Pupillo has collaborated with numerous heavyweights over the years, including Mike Patton (Faith No More), Buzz Osborne ((the) Melvins) and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Jim O' Rourke.About the album: « The Black Iron Prison is a somber meditation and rumination inspired by the Gnostics, Philip K. Dick, and the alchemical maps of Nigredo. As the world is unveiled, and the Storm is upon us. »More info and preorder to come soon, stay tuned!

Young Signorino Fuori ora il video di "FUMO E FUGGO"

Fuori ora il video di "FUMO E FUGGO", primo singolo dall'album "Calmo"

Mr Bison "I'm the storm" videoclip

German premiere of the Videoclip "I'm the Storm" on Rock Hard [DE]
SIAE | MiBACT | #PerChiCrea

Yung Belial "Mirror" LTD edition vinyl

Check how rad the new Yung Belial LTD edition blue transparent vinyl is 🔥🔥🔥

Mirror comes out October 30th and it’s limited to 150 copies so hurry up and snag yours from our shop now!

MR.BISON Release party!!

After the bad news about our upcoming tour postponed in 2021, something great will happen....Mr.Bison will be on stage after 8 fuckin months for a special release party at Deposito Pontecorvo (Pisa).

The project is realized with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative "Per Chi Crea"
SIAE | MiBACT | #PerChiCrea

Young Signorino: dal 6 novembre l’album di debutto "Calmo"

Uscirà il 6 novembre 2020 CALMO, il debut album di Young Signorino, 22 anni, tra i più abili giocatori del rap game, capace di esasperare il linguaggio trap fino all’osso, autore di brani imprevedibili, scarni e dall’effetto incredibilmente magnetico e di melodie ipnotiche con flussi di parole mai privi di un loro peso

New MR.BISON video out now!

The project is realized with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative "Per Chi Crea"
SIAE| MiBACT | #PerChiCrea | Narcotica Promotion Publishing

Yung Belial "TechnoDeathDoomCore"

New video out today!!
Watch it on La Repubblica XL

Heavy Psych Rockers, MR. BISON, reveal album details and share first single from upcoming record!

Heavy Psych and Blues Rock trio, MR. BISON, has announced the upcoming release of their brand new, full length album titled "Seaward", which will be seeing the light of day on October 16th via Subsound Records and Ripple Music. Being influenced by acts such as Captain Beyond, Jimi Hendrix and the more recent Motorpsycho, the band from Cecina, Italy, creates a wild trip and unique musical journey, packed with psychedelia and virtuosic fuzz deliriums. Following their critically acclaimed recent record, "Holy Oak" (2018), "Seaward" will see MR. BISON to continue their path of expressive melodies and high- voltage grooves that you cannot escape.

Today, MR. BISON have unleashed a first appetizer before their highly anticipated, new album will be served this Fall! Listen to "Seaward", the first single and title track taken from the upcoming output, streaming right here:

Tracklist reads as follows:

1. Seaward
2. From The Abyss
3. I'm The Storm
4. Oudeis
5. The Sacrifice
6. Underwater
7. The Curse

"Seaward" is the culmination of a full year’s hard labor and was recorded by Matteo Barsacchi and mixed/mastered at "Audio Design Recordings" by producer Jordan Andreen (Earthless, Sacri Monti). This record is arguably the most blazing, powerful and eclectic album by MR. BISON yet.

"Seaward" will be coming out on October 16th via Subsound Records and Ripple Music and is now available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION:

The project is realized with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative "Per Chi Crea"

YOUNG SIGNORINO signs with Subsound Records

Subsound Records è lieta di annunciare la firma di uno dei più abili e particolari esponenti del rap game, dall'espressività esasperata, quando non ridotta all'osso: Young Signorino

YUNG BELIAL signs with Subsound Records

Italian trap-metal king 𝖄𝖚𝖓𝖌 𝕭𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖆𝖑 has signed a worldwide contract with Subsound Records
The new album "Mirror", is produced by the master of hard-techno Luciano Lamanna and mixes trap, hip-hop, industrial, techno and extreme metal in a melting never heard before.
𝖄𝖚𝖓𝖌 𝕭𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖆𝖑 will officially announce the release date very soon.
The album's artwork will be handled by highly acclaimed master of artworks Blessend
Stay tuned for more details.

Ankara psych-monsters Hayvanlar Alemi reveal album details

Being an instrumental psychedelic folk rock band founded in Ankara in 1999, Hayvanlar Alemi has developed a very style of its own. Inspired by the innovative musical heritage of Turkey but also informed by the traditional and popular styles of the globe, blending together scales and rhythms of Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America with surf, dub, stoner rock and free improvisation.

Or to keep it in the words of Hayvanlar Alemi: "This album presents the side of Hayvanlar Alemi which tends towards the darker without losing the colors, and tends towards the sombre without losing the vitality, with songs that surrender to gravity but refuse to touch the ground."

1. News Of The World
2. Referendum Day
3. Kuşkonmaz MMXVII
4. Aden
5. Thundercloud Museum
6. Kaos Sembolü Güneş ve Bahar
7. Swans Of St. Aarhus

A trippy first glimpse of what to expect can now be heard in form of "Referendum Day", the first single from the upcoming album, streaming now exclusively via It's It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine!

Listen: --->

"Psychedelia In Times Of Turbulence" to be released March 27th and now available for pre-order via Subsound Records

MMM "Devotion" premiere

Dark jazz quartet Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte [MMM] unveil the grim and gripping first single off "Noir Jazz Femdom", the new album out 29.11 on Subsound Records.


Blackwood new EP "Of Flies"

Italian artist and composer Eraldo Bernocchi is BLACKWOOD – a solo doom dub project that will have you clawing your face in an attempt to escape the nightmare world you’re plunged into upon first experiencing these sounds. He’s got a new EP in the works called Of Flies, and it features Minipony vocalist Emilia Moncayo and Stefania Pedretti from OvO. The vocals add an absolutely terrifying layer to the crushing, pummelling music. Of Flies is out November 1st on Subsound Records and can be pre-ordered here on etched black vinyl. If you want something that’s going to bring an addictive ominous atmosphere into your life, you need this record!

Listen to "Of Flies", the brand new mesmerizing EP by Blackwood streaming now in full and exclusively via CVLT Nation:

Order here:

Pleiadees signed to Subsound Records

Dark jazz ritualists PLEIADEES unveils dazzling new song off eponymous EP; due out November 22nd on Subsound Records

Italian dark jazz ritualists PLEIADEES announce divine eponymous EP, due out November 22nd on Subsound Records. They share gloomy and meditative first track "How To Step Out Of Solidity And Vaporize Yourself" via New Noise Magazine.

Explore your soul, listen to Pleiadees first single HERE:

We are delighted to announce a new band signing today, with Hayvanlar Alemi!

Founded in Ankara in 1999, the Turkish psychedelic folk rock band deliver their own brand of instrumental psychedelic rock through traditional and popular instruments from around the globe. Blending sounds and rhythms from Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America, Hayvanlar Alemi create an exciting mixture of surf, dub, stoner rock, improvisation and sonic experimentalism.

THE WHIRLINGS new album "Earthshine"

Progressive psych magicians THE WHIRLINGS are going to release their new studio album »Earthshine« on October 18th in LP/CD/Digital via Subsound Records ⚡️
THE WHIRLINGS new album "Earthshine" propels itself way beyond the band's trademark heavy psych and post-rock sound, offering a rich blend of genres and sonic languages shaped during endless jams and live shows.
"Earthshine" was recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Stecconi (Zu, UFOMAMMUT, Lento) and mastered by Luigi Di Filippo at LRS Factory - Recording & Mastering Solutions,
New song "Vacuum" features high class vocalist Vera Claps

Pre-orders available HERE:


Juggernaut - Neuroteque

Italian sludge merchants JUGGERNAUT return with their most complex, powerful and strongly evocative instrumental record to date. They share a first single taken from their cinematic sludge metal masterpiece "Neuroteque", due out October 11th on Subsounds Records.

Neuroteque, the place where everything is allowed, where everything takes the risk of becoming something else. Urban and science fiction scenarios overlap with bucolic and mystical incursions, sweet lullabies turn into screams, a stealthy step becomes a crazy ride. On their upcoming, third album, the four-piece band JUGGERNAUT from Rome, Italy, deliver seven tracks as the seven different doors to enter Neuroteque: A lisergic menu of cinematic progressive, metallic psychedelia, mellow and disturbing atmospheres. This record holds seven stories of harmonic and emotional transformation, seven winding paths towards Neuroteque.


Listen to Orbitalia NOW!

Deflore & Jaz Coleman - Party In The Chaos

Subsound Records is very proud and excited to announce the release born from the collaboration between Jaz Coleman (Official) and instrumental industrial duo DEFLORE
The EP titled "Party in The Chaos" will be out on June 28th distributed worldwide and available in Cd / Lp / Digital.
Jaz Coleman: "Over the last 30 years i've been asked one question over and over again : What new band do you like ? And the answer generally has been zero, there are not many new bands that i like, except while i was on tour, we played Rome with Killing Joke and the opening act was just stunning.
They were so powerfull, such epic sounds, so cinematic. The logic seems i have to work with them. So To cut a long story short, they come to Prague and we've just done a fantastic EP together, is such beautiful music, i hope everybody gets a listen to this incredible italian band DEFLORE"

Deflore: "For many years we have been looking for a singer that could understand our music to give us something more, then unexpectedly, Jaz found us.
When you end up working with your music hero is incredible, it's like a dream come true and it�s the best award for our long music career"
The Ep has been recorded in Prague at Studio Faust Records during December 2017 and mixed at Enem Studio by Derek Saxenmeyer in June 2018.
Mastered in London at Fluid Mastering by Oli Morgan
Artwork and design by Petulia Mattioli.

1. Party In The Chaos
2. Sunset In The West
3. Transhuman World


Minipony: New video out!

Check out the new explosive Minipony's video "Dragonprincesa"

The Whirlings: NEW DEAL INKED

Subsound Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of the Instumental Psychedelic post-rock stoner band THE WHIRLINGS ??

The band have shared the stage with such names as Karma To Burn, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Grand Astoria, This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and many more.
With an outstanding confidence and over 10 years of experience behind them, THE WHIRLINGS are ready to portray emotions into their own instrumental landscapes.

Stay tuned!
Exciting news coming soon!


Subsound Records is proud to announce the signing of the italian experimental noise-math duo Nadsat
The album titled "Feral" will be released on april 19th distributed worldwide and available in CD/LP/Digital formats
Recorded and mixed by Enrico Baraldi @ Sotto il Mare recording studios(Verona) e Waiting Room Audio (Bologna).
Mastered da Claudio Adamo @ Fonoprint (Bologna).
Artwork di Inserirefloppino

Pre-order NOW!!
Powered by Narcotica Promotion Publishing

Ottone Pesante / Sudoku Killer

⚠️ Limited Edition ⚠️

Another chapter of "Subsound Split Series Collection" is FINALLY pressed on Wax ‼️

The Split #8 includes the heavy brass metal trio Ottone Pesante and the Psycho Psychedelic/hypnotic jazz of Caterina Palazzi- Sudoku Killer

Pressed on Transparent Orange Wax #8 LIMITED EDITION will be released on May 3rd!
Available in LP/DIGITAL
Artwork by Stonino

Ottone Pesante
1) In end silence under the snow
2) Weak
3) Zinculate
4) The slow rise to the abyss

Sudoku Killer
1)Asperger Suite

ORDER NOW your copy!!

Zu - Carboniferous

Subsound Records & Zu celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the masterpiece "𝘾𝙖𝙧𝙗𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙨" with a limited GOLDEN edition vinyl.


For over 15 years, Zu's modus operandi of straddling and abusing musical genres has resulted in over fifteen unique album releases across labels such as Ipecac, Atavistic and Headz (Japan). Their experimental amalgam of metal, math, no-wave, noise and electronics, led acclaimed composer John Zorn to describe their sound as "a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days".
In the running for the title of "the world's hardest working band," Zu have performed over 1000 shows throughout Europe, US, Canada, Asia, Russia, Mexico and even Africa, touring with the like of Mike Patton (as the Zu/Patton quartet), also sharing the stage with Faith No More, Fantômas, The Melvins, Lightning Bolt, Sonic Youth, The Ex, and countless others. They have also collaborated with a vast number of musicians including Mike Patton, The Melvins, Dälek, Jim O' Rourke, FM Einheit (Einsturzende Neubauten), Peter Brötzmann, Nobukazu Takemura, Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Steve MacKay (The Stooges), The Ex, Thurston Moore, Stephen O Malley, Damo Suzuki (Can), Mats Gustafsson, NoMeansNo, Joe Lally (Fugazi).
CARBONIFEROUS is their masterpiece, originally released on Ipecac in 2009, it includes collaborations with Mike Patton, King Buzzo, Giulio Ragno Favero.


Subsound Records is very excited to announce the new album of the instrumental cinematic duo Kotiomkin titled "Lo Albicocco Al Curaro - Decameron 666"

For the composition of their third work, there was a change of line up and the guitar was replaced by a massive use of vintage analogic synthesizers giving life to an album that crosses, transversally, different musical genres with an ever more relevant cinematographic imprint.

PRE SALES STARTS: October 29th
Available in: DIGIPAK / 12" LP "Black" / 12" LP "Apricot" colour in colour Vinyl Brown-Orange / DIGITAL

1. Fatal Commestio
2. Sexy Averno
3. Metti Lo Diavolo Ne Lo Convento
4. Vilan Chesserton
5. Satanasso "Protettore" Delle Donne

Artwork by Popoki - Artwork & Design

Subsound Records is proud to announce that PRE-ORDERS for L'Ira Del Baccano new release "SI NON SEDES IS..LIVE MMVII" are on!!!

Order your copy here:
- CD:

Release date: 16th November
Available in: Lp / Cd / Digital

This is THE FIRST TIME EVER official release in physical form of the 2007 first instrumental effort from L'Ira Del Baccano (untill today only available in digital download). All these 2018 versions had Spectral & Balance correction by Pisi Mastering Claudio Studio. Vinyl versions & Digital Download have 2 Bonus Tracks

Here some reviews of the album from back in 2007/2010:

AURAL INNOVATION / Roadburn Festival
"These guys are outstanding. Excellent musicianship, tight as a knot playing among all members, and a real flair for incorporating multiple stoner/metal/space/psych influences. … one of the better bands I've heard this year have made their first album available for the taking from their web site.Highly recommended. "

Decibel Magazine:
"It's ballsy for a band to make a live gig their debut..However, this pristine soundboard boasts chops and chemistry most bands never achieve in the studio..BAD ACID MAG. tab6 "Being a fan of space,physics and a lover of rock,i jumped at the change,not sure of what i was going to hear audially. What a f-----g delight! I've put this album on my ipod and have been listening to it constantly. You just have to listen to the two monster songs "875" and "Tempus Inane Flago, Requiem Spatiumque Furori", which together take almost half an hour. They do not stingy with crazy ideas and it is a real pleasure to listen to them on their trip.
" This is a truly remarkable piece of work. The only word to describe it: Stunning!"

Subsound Records is really happy to announce another band in his Roster: Zolle

"Infesta", the new album , will be released in May on CD, LP and DIGITAL.
Zolle are a Heavy Rock Guitar and Drums duo, they play powerful, heavy, direct, positive. Sometimes negative.
"Infesta" is their third album, recorded by Giulio Ragno Favero ( il Teatro degli Orrori, OvO, MoRkObOt…), played with an aluminium guitar and copper drums.
Artwork by EEviac artworks and berlikete. More details soon!

We are proud to announce Subsound Records Split Series # 5 Uochi Toki // Cadaver Eyes

The bands improvise for a whole day: the result is a desertic sound, silence of death, earthquakes and aggressive sun to describe the life of a character called Necroeterno who decides never to change

Recorded at Fiscerprais Studio (owned by Riccardo Gamondi, member of Uochi Toki)

The release will be out on 27th February in Italy via Goodfellas and worldwide the first days of April via Code 7 / Phd . In Usa the album will be distributed by Cobraside.

Artwork by Stonino [ Alduin Vs Falkor ]

Subsound Records proudly presents Zu: "CARBONIFEROUS". The masterpiece is finally available again in limited edition vinyl.

For over 15 years, Zu's modus operandi of straddling and abusing musical genres has resulted in over fifteen unique album releases across labels such as Ipecac, Atavistic and Headz (Japan). Their experimental amalgam of metal, math, no-wave, noise and electronics, led acclaimed composer John Zorn to describe their sound as "a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days".

In the running for the title of "the world's hardest working band," Zu have performed over 1000 shows throughout Europe, US, Canada, Asia, Russia, Mexico and even Africa, touring with the like of Mike Patton (as the Zu/Patton quartet), also sharing the stage with Faith No More, Fantômas, The Melvins, Lightning Bolt, Sonic Youth, The Ex, and countless others. They have also collaborated with a vast number of musicians including Mike Patton, The Melvins, Dälek, Jim O' Rourke, FM Einheit (Einsturzende Neubauten), Peter Brötzmann, Nobukazu Takemura, Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Steve MacKay (The Stooges), The Ex, Thurston Moore, Stephen O Malley, Damo Suzuki (Can), Mats Gustafsson, NoMeansNo, Joe Lally (Fugazi).

CARBONIFEROUS is their masterpiece, originally released on Ipecac in 2009, it includes collaborations with Mike Patton, King Buzzo, Giulio Ragno Favero.

Subsound Records is excited to announce the fourth album of industrial psychedelic veterans DEFLORE

"EPICENTRE" is the first release of the SPECTRUM trilogy and is pointed on Industrial assaults and distorted rhythms.

Math rock, power electronics and noise are the roots of this release, where the band explore the rusty side of their sound.
Recorded by Deflore, mixed and mastered @ Subsound Studio, in Rome, by Andrea Secchi, the release will be out on 24th February in italy via goodfellas and will be distributed in uk and worldwide on 10th March via Code7/Phd.

"Epicentre" will be availbale only on limited edition 12" Lp 180 grams "Fumè" with cd inside.
Artwork by Francesco Filippo

Preorders availbale here:

MalClango signs with Subsound Records

Subsound Records is very proud to announce another new band in its roster: MalClango!
Raging melodies and wild polyrhytms as you've never heard before. Two basses and drums make fun of music by undressing math rock until it is left in its underpants.
Featuring apes trained by member of Juggernaut, INFERNO Sci-Fi Grind'n'Roll, Donkey Breeder
Stay tuned for upcoming news

BUFFALO GRILLZ: New Album Details Revealed

Masterchef of grindcore Buffalo Grillz has just finished the recording of the upcoming third album: MARTIN BURGER KING.

The new album has been recorded at Kick Recording Studio and will be out in early 2017 on CD, LP, DIGITAL via Subsound Records and tape - a very limited edition - produced by Time To Kill Records.

Artwork and graphic by Roberto Toderico; "Martin Burger King" wil be distributed worldwide: Goodfellas (Italy) Cargo (Germany) Code 7/Phd (Uk) Cobraside (Usa). Promoted by Narcotica, powered by Kick Agency

Subsound Records is thrilled to announce:
"FATSO JETSON vs hifiklub - Double Quartet Serie Vol. 1"

This adventurous recording project set in the Coxinhell Recording Studiobased in Saint-Aygulf in the South of France bring together in the same room at the same time to improvise,the experimental, alternative rock quartet from Toulon France, "hifiklub"

Regis Laugier (bass & lead vocals) Nico Morcillo (guitar) Arnaud Maguet (visuals & more) Pascal Abbatucci Julien (drums) known for their many crafty collaborations with such forward thinking rockers as Mike Watt, Nels Cline, Lee Renaldo, Alain Johannes and from deep Southern California art punk desert blues rockers Fatso Jetson featuring Mario Lalli, Tony Tornay,Dino Lalli and Gary Arce of Yawning Man (Official)

The desert musicians have long been quite capable of exploration and not afraid to take chances and stretch out.

The concept is a throwback to the Quartet vs Quartet album, the brain child of Ornette Colman. This music has more in common with Sonic Youth or Can than with the free jazz set, however the spirit of creativity is strong. Mixed and Masterd by Alain Johannes

The release will be distributed worldwide during October and will be available on cd digipak, 12" Lp 180 grams black and colored and digital.


Kyterion "Inferno" unveiled

Italian blacksters KYTERION have unveiled the cover artwork of their debut album, ‘INFERNO I’, scheduled for end of June via Subsound Records.
Artwork by Gustavo Sazes (Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Gus G, Angra, Sodom)

Tracklist:   01. L'Eterno Dolore  |  02. Tra la Perduta Gente  |  03. L'Acheronte  |  04. Caron Dimonio
05. Limbo  |  06. La Selva de' Suicidi  |  07. Le Brutte Arpie  |  08. Gerione  |  09. Faticoso Manto
10. Lo 'mperador del Doloroso Regno

Mixed and Mastered at The Outer Sound Studio - Rome (IT) by Giuseppe Orlando.
(Novembre, Ephel Duath, Stormlord, Crest of Darkness)
Recorded at HDL Studios - Bologna (IT)

Omega Machine signs with Subsound Records

Subsound Records is proud to announce Omega Machine in his roster, the Industrial-metal alien duo from sidereal space.
The time has come. The annihilation of the human race begins. No one will be spared.
Title, tracklist and release date will be announced very soon.

Kotiomkin signs with Subsound Records

Subsound Records è orgogliosa di annunciare la firma del trio strumentale "Kotiomkin" Estimatori dei B-Movies all'italiana si ispirano ai grandi maestri delle colonne sonore italiane anni 60/70/80 come: Nico Fidenco, Fabio Frizzi, Riz Ortolani, Pierio Umiliani, Goblin, Budy Maglione, Carlo Maria Cordio e tanti altri, filtrando il tutto attraverso un muro di distorsioni, basse frequenze, vibrazioni e soluzioni tipiche di movimenti quali stoner & doom.

La release, dal titolo "Squartami Tutta (Black Emanuelle Goes To Hell)", già uscita a Marzo in cd edizione ultralimitata su Zeder Dischi, verrà ristampata in cd digipak con uscita 6 Giugno worldwide e stampata su vinile color "Viola Addobbo Funebre" con uscita 15 Luglio.

E' la colonna sonora di un film mai realizzato, un viaggio allucinato tra rituali esoterici, orge e droghe psichedeliche descritto con una potenza ritmica devastante!

Surgical Beat Bros signs with Subsound Records

Subsound Records is pleased to announce the signing of "Surgical Beat Bros". The duo from Rome will be releasing their fourth studio album "BLACK" after 150 concerts and 3 releases in just 2 years.
Their sound is apparently electronic-minimal with regular beats, but the massive use of 4 on floor kicks is just a grid to simplify the listening and stimulate the body!
Behind this regular pulse lies the rhythmic/mathematical perversions by Zitarelli / Recchia, whose texture, even if polyrhythmic, succeed to respect the typical schemes of techno, reworked in a modern way.
The choice to make a vinyl with fixed bpm on each side (one at 125 bpm and the other at 100 bpm) makes "BLACK" a perfect choice for all DJs, transofrming Surgical Beat Bros in a project ready for big stages, big subwoofers and large uncoordinated group dancing.

Line Up: Fabio "Reeks" Recchia - Synth, Sampler, Sound Design / Antonio Zitarelli - Drums

Mr Bison "Black Crow" official video

Mr Bison "Black Crow" official videoclip from "Asteroid" out on 18th March worldwide

"Kyterion" debut album!

Subsound Records is thrilled to announce the signing of the italian blacksters Kyterion. "INFERNO I" is their debut album, the first part of a trilogy that will follow in the future. The lyrics are sung in XIIIth century Italian Vernacular, an element of authenticity for an all-Italian project. "INFERNO I" will be worldwide out on 24th June 2016. Stay tuned for upcoming news !

Balance - 3 (cover)

"Balance" debut album!

Subsound Records is proud to announce the new album of the roman masters of analog synthesizers: Balance
The sound of the duo, formed by Luciano Lamanna and Davide Ricci, explores the possibilities offered by a modern Eurorack Modular Synthesizer. Their debut Album "3" evolves thru subspended atmospheres, distorted synths, futuristic tribal beats, always with a sense of darkness and melancholy. Avant-Garde Electronic from the Aeterna Civitas!

Blackwood (cover)

BLACKWOOD out on February

Subsound Records is excited to announce "BLACKWOOD" the solo doom dub project of Eraldo Bernocchi. "As The World Rots Away" is a dark, intoxicating, oxygen hungry monster comprised of thundering guitars, sub bass lines, slow relentless beats and sampled vocals from obscure esoteric traditions. The forthcoming debut album is set for releaase on 12th February 2016 worldwide on cd and on Lp during March. Artwork by Petulia Mattioli

Pre-orders available here:

Mr.Bison signs with Subsound Records

Subsound Records is thrilled to announce the signing of the italian stoner rockers MR.BISON.
The long awaited album "ASTEROID" will come out worldwide on March 18th 2016, powered by a new double guitar line up balancing the absence of bass with a wall of sound result of home made splitted triple amplifiers.
Artwork by acclaimed designer Luca Solo Macello. "ASTEROID" will hit the stores in Cd and Lp formats

Pre-Orders Here:

Karl Marx was a broker

Subsound Records is pleased and proud to announce the entry into its roster of instrumental power trio "Karl Marx was a broker" and the release of their new album "Monoscope" the 19th February 2016.
The album, after two years since their last job "Alpha to Omega Director's Cut" is the culmination of a journey with the new line-up and a new starting point for the sound research of the band.
In the coming weeks we will be revealed more details. Stay tuned!

Der Noir joins Subsound Records

Der Noir

Subsound Records is very proud to announce Der Noir in his roster.
After two albums related to new wave and dark atmospheres the band will be out with their new release next Autumn exploring never reached territories, melting wave, post rock, electronic and experimental musick.

Oren Ambarchi/Massimo Pupillo - Subsound Split Series #04 (cover)

Ambarchi/Pupillo - Subsound Split Series #04

Subsound Records is proud to announce its 4th Subsound Split Series release in the form of a first collaborative joint between Australian sound artist Oren Ambarchi, known for his work with Sunn O))) and italianMassimo Pupillo, known as bass player with Zu and othersIn comparison with their previous projects, as a duo they move into a softer and very welcoming ambience. The result is not a threatening wall of sound but a subtle soundtrack to a night travel on quiet and mysteriously alive waters. A sonic massage for the mind, made of dark, ambient, ever changing drones, embroided in kraut rock rhythmic textures. Release is scheduled on May 6th 2015 and it'll be distributed in Italy via Goodfellas and worldwide via Code7/Phd in the format of black, coloured and splattered 12" vinyl.Artwork by artist Stonino recreates two characters from two 1965 movies of Italian director Domenico Massimo Pupillo, "the crimson executioner", and "lady morgan vengeance"

Oren Ambarchi: guitar, drums  |  Massimo Pupillo: bass
with special guest Crys Cole: contact mics, objects & no-input mixing board

Recorded: nov 28, 2009 at O', Milano, Italy  |  Live sound & recording: Attila Faravelli
Mix/edit: Ambarchi  |  Mastering: Casey Rice at Classickxs

Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte - Funeral Jazz (cover)

Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte - Funeral Jazz

From the early harsh noise days, through moody cinematic ambient and the celebrated dark doom jazz of 2013’s "Black Lake Confidence", today MMM strikes back with their finest collection of "songs" to date.
Nine shorts of bad sex, love and loss.

Osso (cover)

Osso (MoRkObOt & Eraldo Bernocchi)

It was a dark and stormy night and that was how Eraldo Bernocchi and the brave and fearsome messengers of MoRkObOt decided to meet the next day.
They met while eating, what else?
So it was inevitable that, in the throes of the extraordinary consequences of digestion, the four shady characters found themselves in a recording studio pouring their gastric juices on a guitar (which might sound like a bass), two bass guitars (which might sound like two guitars) a drum kit (which might sound like a pocket calculator) and a lot of newfangled electronic equipment (those might sound like a drum kit, or not) mixed together to form a mass of shapeless, slimy, creepy blob named OSSO. Sludge that drips electronic that expels dub that crash grind that melt jelly neurons. Sound penetrates flesh. Die laughing, laugh dying.

Mombu/Oddateee - Subsound Split Series #03 (cover)

Mombu/Oddateee - Subsound Split Series #03

"Subsound Split Series" is a collectors' series of 12" limited edition vinyls. For each release, the series will present two bands of the Italian and international underground scene, spanning multiple genres and will also be available in digital. Artworks and illustrations will be curated by Stonino and will play on the interaction between two movie characters in an imaginative way.

Dope Stars Inc. - TeraPunk (cover)

Dope Stars Inc. - TeraPunk

With lyrics inspired by Cyberpunk imagery and subculture Dope Stars Inc. have been mixing industrial beats, acid synths and distorted sounds with a bratty rock’n’roll sound and attitude since their foundation in may 2003. TeraPunk is the 5th album of the Cyberpunk Rock band Dope Stars Inc.. The new album is a mix of industrial, rock and electro music with a raw punk attitude. TeraPunk is a recording that mixes real and artificial sounds such as live guitars, bass and drums meshed together with e-guitars, programmed drums & loops to create a deep cocktail of rock and electro music. The album was described by the band as a "terabyte of raw data straight to your face. A synth'n'roll perversion of real and artificial machines"